Waterfront LID Op-Ed - No Waterfront LID
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Waterfront LID Op-Ed

Waterfront LID Op-Ed

“The Seattle City Council has discovered a new way to raise hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue that circumvents limits on property taxes and bypasses the need for citywide voter approval: a Seattle WaterfrontLocal Improvement District, or LID.” – Resident Karen Gielen in The Seattle Times

The proposed waterfront LID is unjust and sets a dangerous precedent for all of Seattle.

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Raise Your Voice

It’s time to let Mayor Durkan and the City Council know where you stand. See our Action Kit to get started.

Elements of a strong letter.

• Write a personal letter. They carry a lot more weight than a form letter.
• Focus on the arguments that matter the most to you. Use arguments in the OpEdaction kit, or make your own.
• Back up your argument by telling a story about how the LID would affect you, your family, and community. See a sample letter from downtown resident Pat Pottinger Carlin.
• Include a call to action: vote down the Waterfront LID.
• Include your name and contact information.

Social Media

Share the OpEd and your views on social media.

Retweet or reply to The Seattle Times tweet with your own comments.

Here are recommended Twitter tags that will get your post noticed:

• #seattlewaterfront
• #seattle

We are seeking social media volunteers. Interested? Email coalition@nowaterfrontlid.dev.s360.is.

Save the Dates

City Councilmember Debora Juarez is chairing a subcommittee that will start to review the proposed Waterfront LID on May 2 and 16 at 2:00 PM in City Council chambers. Save the dates. We will organize volunteers to speak. We hope to fill the room with people who respectfully oppose the LID. More information soon.

Special Thanks

Karen Gielen (OpEd contributor), Brian Patch (Action Kit author), and Pat Pottinger Carlin (letter writer) thank you for sharing your ideas and writing with this community.

What You Can Do Today

• Share this newsletter with your networks
Contact the Mayor and City Council’s offices
• Post your views on social media