Preliminary Assessments Announced - No Waterfront LID
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Preliminary Assessments Announced

Preliminary Assessments Announced

The Seattle Office of the Waterfront has posted preliminary assessments for each property. To see yours, visit their website’s property search tool and enter your address. Click your parcel number and your unit to see your preliminary assessment.

The preliminary assessments are put forth by the Office of the Waterfront. The Seattle City Council has yet to review the proposed LID. Property owners have the opportunity to give input on the proposed assessments.

Here’s how.

Write to City Council

The entire City Council will vote in May to pass a Resolution of Intent to form the LID, and will likely pass the ordinance in October. Contact the City Council now to tell them how the LID will impact you, your family, and community. See this Action Kit and get started.

Attend the City Council Meetings in May

A City Council standing committee will review the proposed Waterfront LIDon May 2 and 16 at 2:00 PM in City Council Chambers (600 4th Avenue, second floor). The public may attend the hearings and sign up to speak (please arrive at 1:45 to sign up if you have short, prepared remarks). Let’s fill the room.

Submit a Protest Letter

Property owners can submit official protests letters to the City Clerk after the City Council passes its Resolution of Intent to form the LID. The letters must be hard copy (emails are not counted) and must contain the following:

  • Name
  • Parcel number
  • Original signature(s)
  • The words “I protest”

Get your parcel number from the property search tool. Here is a sample letter to customize. Letters must be mailed to:

City Clerk
PO Box 94607
Seattle, WA 98124-6907

We especially encourage our business and commercial neighbors to do this. The residential base is not large enough to meet the minimum threshold to stop the City Council from forming the LID.

Organize a Protest Letter Drive

Several residential buildings have held protest letter drives with an excellent turnout. Check with your homeowners’ association first before starting a campaign; it helps to have their support. This should also work for business networks.

  • One or more volunteers prepare customized letters for each property owner.
  • In smaller buildings or networks, email or disseminate hard copies with a note to return the letter with original signature to the organizer.
  • In larger buildings or networks, set up a table in a convenient location and advertise a three-hour window when owners can stop by to sign their letters.

To customize letters, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a letter. See a sample: the highlighted areas are for you to customize. Feel free to edit the letter, but remember it must include the words “I protest,” along with the property owner’s name(s), parcel number, and original signature(s).
  • For larger buildings or networks, consider using Microsoft Mail Merge. To merge data into the letter, first prepare a spreadsheet with owner’s names, parcel numbers, and addresses.
  • If you need help with this process, please contact the Coalition. We may have volunteers who can create mail merges for residential buildings.