Let's Create a Unified Front Before City Council - No Waterfront LID
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Let’s Create a Unified Front Before City Council

Let’s Create a Unified Front Before City Council

At one time, the residential assessment was projected at 30% of the $200M LID before it was decreased to 12%. Our collective front against the LID–our letters, phone calls, and meetings with city officials–has made a difference. There’s more to do.

The proposed LID assessment remains unjust, and it is simply too high for many in our community.

Stand before City Council on May 16. We filled the room last time, and need to do it again to demonstrate our unwavering protest against this unfair assessment. This is the last meeting about the LID before City Council votes on whether or not to proceed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
City Council Chambers, City Hall
600 4th Avenue, second floor

(Handicapped entrance on 5th Avenue between Cherry and James.)

See the agenda.
See the key messages we want to convey.

Please prepare a one-minute oral statement on why you oppose the LID as well as a written statement you can hand in. Your voice really matters.

We Are Now on Facebook and Twitter

We appreciate the many emails we receive with questions, ideas, and statements of support. We want to open it up and start connecting this NoLID community to one another. Please follow and engage with this community on Facebook and Twitter.

And please contact us (email coalition@nowaterfrontlid.dev.s360.is) if you are interested in volunteering to help run our social media accounts. Our volunteer crew is getting busier, and have much more to do to reach everyone in our community.

Help Spread the Word

We have hundreds in our NoLID Coalition, but the LID impacts thousands of homeowners. Everyday we meet people who have not heard of the LID or they don t understand what it means. Please invite your neighbors and area businesses to

We believe City Council will pass a Resolution of Intent to form the LID, and every property owner in the LID area has a right to know what it means and to act on it.

Further Reading

What You Can Do Today

Email us at coalition@nowaterfrontlid.dev.s360.is.