City Council Updates and What's Next - No Waterfront LID
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City Council Updates and What’s Next

City Council Updates and What’s Next

Yesterday a Seattle City Council committee reviewed the proposed LID. Councilmembers Debora Juarez, Lorena Gonzales, and Teresa Mosqueda heard public comments and met with the Office of the Waterfront. Despite our turnout and the many excellent statements by LID opponents, the committee passed a measure for the LID proposal to go before the full City Council Monday, May 21.

News media outlets covered the event: see the KING5KOMO4, and KIRO7stories.


As voters, we need to ramp up our appeal to City Council. The Councilmembers referenced the hundreds of letters they receive, and heard nearly unanimous statements against the LID.

In fact, our tenacity so far is making the pro-LID camp is nervous. See an excerpt from an appeal to LID supporters:

“The resolution of intent to form the Local Improvement District (LID) passed out of Committee yesterday and is on its way to full council vote on Monday at 2pm. There are consistently about 45 condo owners who show up and write and get tallied in the opposition column. Council members really need us to amp up the number of positive calls and letters to all Council members before Monday at 2pm when the Council votes on the LID formation resolution.  At this point it is about balancing the number of opposition emails with the number of supportive emails.”

Please take 10 minutes between now and Friday to write to City Council again. It can be simple, short, and to the point.

Need more fodder? Probably not, but here it is: (re)watch the full video recording of yesterday’s meeting. The video will be posted on this webpagesoon. The presentation slides are here. See also the independent City Council blogger’s take on the LID.  Hit the points that gave the Councilmembers pause: the affordability question, the human impact, the legality of it, the fact that the City will be obligated to complete the park without any other funding sources if the project goes over budget. There are many more arguments. Make them in your letter to the Councilmembers.

We need the City and its LID supporters know that they have underestimated us. You have given a lot of time, but we’re asking you once again to attend the City Council meeting on Monday.

Full City Council Meeting
May 21, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
City Council Chambers, City Hall
600 4th Avenue, second floor

If and when the City Council passes a Resolution of Intent to form the LID, they are legally barred from hearing directly from their constituents on this issue.

Things to Do Today

  • Write one more letters to City Councilmembers
  • Forward this to your neighbors and networks ask them to write letters
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you for all you do.

Questions? Ideas? Please write to us at