Full City Council to Vote on Resolution - No Waterfront LID
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Full City Council to Vote on Resolution

Full City Council to Vote on Resolution

City Council Meeting

The full City Council is expected to vote on the LID on Monday. Please stand with us to protest this unjust and unprecedented $200M assessment (tax) that will be levied against 2% of Seattle property owners.

Full City Council Meeting
May 21, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
City Council Chambers, City Hall
600 4th Avenue, second floor

NEW! See the agenda.

Send in Your Letters

We reported in the last newsletter that City Councilmembers are counting letters for and against the LID. We need to make a big impact by Monday. Please take a few minutes today to send an email to City Council. Right now, we don’t have enough to sway the vote. Please write to every Councilmember:

  • bruce.harrell@seattle.gov
  • sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov
  • teresa.mosqueda@seattle.gov
  • lorena.gonzalez@seattle.gov
  • debora.juarez@seattle.gov
  • lisa.herbold@seattle.gov
  • rob.johnson@seattle.gov
  • mike.obrien@seattle.gov
  • kshama.sawant@seattle.gov

Tips to Get Your Letter Read

If a steady stream of 200 emails a day are received on one side of an issue, and only a trickle on the other side, it gets their attention. But, 100 emails the day after some dispatch from an advocacy group goes out, are unlikely to be read by the council member.

Here’s how to get your letter noticed:

Be succinct. Short gets read.

Make sure the subject line and the first few sentences carry the key elements of the message because odds are the full letter will be skimmed at best.

If you have some special attribute that might cause the council member to grant your email greater weight, state it up front. For example,

“As someone who raised money on your behalf during the last campaign …”

“As the head of one of the larger HOAs in your district …”

“As someone who will be debating this topic on KOMO TV later this afternoon …”

If there will be unforeseen consequences to the assessment, call those out early. An opening sentence could be something like:

“As you think about all the press on the SDOT fiasco, are you sure you want identified with the coming cost overruns and mismanagement on the Waterfront Project?”

“First the SDOT tax, then the Head Tax, now the LID tax. The well will be dry. Are you sure you want to burn all other priorities to fight for this turkey?”

“Passing this assessment will trigger a series of lawsuits against the city. What will it cost to defend them?”

All that said, nothing speaks louder than the total count of emails and letters, so not every piece of correspondence needs to break out of the pack or be read. It just needs to be there.

Please forward this email to your neighbors. We haven’t reached everyone in the LID area yet.

Questions? Ideas? Please write to us at coalition@nowaterfrontlid.dev.s360.is.