Resolution Passes 8-0 - No Waterfront LID
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Resolution Passes 8-0

City Council Voted 8-0 to Proceed with the Waterfront LID

City Council voted on Monday and passed a “Resolution of Intent” to form the Waterfront LID. This action does not create the LID, but rather put into motion a series of events that may lead up to the establishment of the LID this autumn.

If you missed it, watch the video of the full City Council Meeting, May 21.

Advance to:

  • 00:04:45 for public comments
  • 01:13:00 for Councilmember Juarez’s LID presentation
  • 01:20:00 for Councilmember comments and voting

You’ll hear Councilmembers say that the waterfront LID is “a reasonable formula,” and that it is a “fair assessment.” But others said that our arguments will not “fall on deaf ears,” and that they will take meetings to hear property owners’ perspectives.

There’s still too much one-sided information in front of the City Council. We have much more work to do to educate our elected officials on why this proposed LID is bad for Seattle.

What’s Next?

Write to and request meetings with Councilmembers. Let’s correct the misinformation and put a human face on the cost of this LID. We have until July 12 to communicate with them directly. Thereafter, all comments will be made before a Hearing Examiner.

Save the dates to attend one of the public hearings: July 13, 17, 18, and 28. We encourage everyone to provide verbal and/or written comment. More information to come soon.

Get ready for the protest vote. Read on.

Protest Votes

Now that the City officially voted on its intent to form the LID, we can send in protest votes. In order to stop the LID, there must be a minimum of 60% of property owners (measured by assessment value, in other words, $120M worth of assessments) who formally protest the LID. This is a supermajority vote and difficult to do, but if we organize, we might pull it off.

The Seattle Office of the Waterfront shared the protest vote process.

If you send in a protest letter, please let us know by emailing Send us a copy of the letter or tell us your address, including the unit number. Your letter to the city must contain the legal owner’s name, signature, parcel number (look it up), and the words “I protest.” We will track our progress towards hitting the 60% threshold.

This coalition is organizing a protest letter drive for each residential building. If you would like to volunteer to help organize the protest vote in your building, please fill out this form. Someone will be in touch with a recommended process and pre-printed custom protest letters for each unit.

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