Advocacy Form - No Waterfront LID
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Advocacy Form

The Seattle City Council and the Mayor are considering a new property tax assessment on thousands of Seattle residential and commercial property owners to fund new parks, elevators and a huge, concrete pedestrian overpass connecting Pike Place Market to the waterfront.

New parks? New elevators? A new huge, concrete pedestrian overpass? NO project cost controls at a time when the City’s construction costs are skyrockets, NO new public safety resources when the City is experiencing an increase in disorder and crime and NO new transit, roads or parking to accommodate more than 1.5 million new visitors! This project conceived in 2012 does not make sense in 2018 when we are struggling with issues such as homelessness, skyrocketing rents, and congestion.

Contact the City Council now and tell them to develop a project that is in line with 2018 priorities and funding.