Protest Vote - No Waterfront LID
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The Protest Vote

By law, if a proposed LID receives 60% worth of so-called “protest votes,” the City of Seattle cannot proceed with the LID.
Downtown property owners are organizing to reach this threshold. Here’s how you can do your part.

What is a Protest Vote?

A protest vote is a letter that property owners submit to oppose the LID. If we hit 60% dissent through these letters, then by law, the city cannot proceed with the LID.

The protest votes are calculated by the assessed value, not by the number of people who own nor the market value, of a property. As such, we need $120 million (60% of $200 million) worth of protest letters in order to stop the LID.

Most members of this citizen coalition are for the waterfront park. Submitting a protest letter does not stop progress on creating landscaped walkways and bike lanes along our waterfront. It simply lets the City Clerk know that you disapprove of the LID funding tool.

Please note, one does not have to be a citizen or a registered voter to submit a protest letter. Any property owner in the LID area may, and is encouraged, to do so.

Submit a Protest Letter

Property owners can submit official protests letters to the City Clerk after the City Council passes its Resolution of Intent to form the LID. The letters must be hard copy (emails are not counted) and must contain the following:

• Name(s)
• Address of property that will be assessed
• Parcel number (get your parcel number from the property search tool)
• Original signature(s) by owner(s)
• The words “I protest”

Here is a sample letter to customize. Letters must be mailed to:

Ms. Monica Martinez Simmons
City Clerk
City of Seattle
PO Box 94607
Seattle, WA 98124-6907

You may also turn in your letters at one of the four public hearings.

Organize a Protest Letter Drive

Several residential buildings have held protest letter drives with excellent turnout.

This coalition will work with you to create customized ready-to-sign protest letters for your building. Contact us to get started.

In smaller buildings or networks, email or disseminate hard copies with a note to return the letter with original signature to the building organizer.

In larger buildings or networks, set up a table in lobby or common room and advertise a three-hour window when owners can stop by to sign their letters.

Help Us Track Our Collective Progress

Please tell us if you have submitted a protest letters, or if you have submitted a stack of protest letters on behalf of your building.

We are tracking our progress towards our 60% goal, and every letter counts.

Contact us at

Raise your voice at a public hearing