Spread the Word - No Waterfront LID
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Spread the Word

Every day we meet people who have not heard about the LID. It’s not an everyday thing, nor is it easy to understand. That’s all the more reason we need everyone to have conversations and share information with neighbors and friends.

Here are some resources to help.

Here are helpful things you can do to help stop the LID:


Write an email to your networks to let them know, in your own words, why the LID is unjust. Share this website, and ask your friends to contact us to receive our newsletter.


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news, and share the posts with your networks.


Host a gathering with your neighbors to discuss the LID and make a plan for how your community can get involved.


Small businesses and renters will be affected by the LID, too. Costs will likely be passed on. They don’t get a protest vote, but they can speak at a public hearing. Encourage them to do so.

If you have other ideas or questions, please reach out to us. We’re eager to hear your thoughts.

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